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Welcome to Borneo Weave

You can expect to find the finest banana fiber carpet here with us.

With over 20 years of experience in banana fiber carpet making, we have earned a reputation for providing handwoven carpets to resorts, hotels, interior design firms, upscale residences,exclusive clubs, high-end product retailers, and more.

Handmade abaca carpet
Wide selection
Our Banana Fiber is

Natural  // Bio-degradable  // High in quality // Durable

// Available in a variety of natural colours

Banana fiber is one of the most unknown natural plant fibers, let alone carpet materials.

Nonetheless, the unique properties of the

fiber have granted abaca carpet to

 possess some exceptional qualities 

such as highly resistant to saltwater, 

hard-wearing, and suitable for a wide applications.

Banana Fiber

Our Carpet User

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