About Us

About us

Our factory was established in 2000 by our director and founder Mr. Djunaidi. Over these 18 years, our factory has earned a reputation for offering exclusive hand-woven carpet using abaca fiber.   

Our factory

We are the only factory in Indonesia that uses abaca fiber as material to produce carpet. Over the years, we have developed into a factory of 300 craftspeople and a yearly production of 30 thousand square meters.

Artisan Weavers

To become an artisan weaver, one must not only possess talent and accumulated experience, but also spirit of teamwork.

There are more than hundreds of weaving methods, and each method requires many procedures, process, and techniques. 

In addition, each artisan weaver has his/her own expertise.


Therefore, each carpet style requires several artisan weavers to work together seamlessly to complete.

​Our Carpet

Our carpets are 100% natural, hand-woven by local Indonesians. Besides carpet, our carpet can also be woven into wall decoration, wall hanging, headboard, bed runner, decoration and more.

Local Community

Since the establishment of Sumatra Weave, the factory has generated many job opportunities for the locals and nearby villagers. While working in Sumatra Weave, they gain lifetime skills and knowledge.


Most of our artisan weavers are women. Sumatra Weave has not only provided employment opportunities for women from early adulthood to middle aged but also raised their family income and standard of living. 

Sumatra weave
Hand-woven Abaca Fiber Carpet
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